• Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Premier Hosting Plans

Performance, speed, and functionality are vital elements that propel the business world on digital channels. At DreamIT Host, we understand the needs of businesses and have designed our Premier Web Hosting plans to cater to eCommerce and high-traffic websites. We are an Australian web host that has been around for a couple of years now, offering hosting solutions to numerous clients.

Clients subscribing to our Premier Web Hosting plans will have 24/7 Australian support on Australia's fastest servers, and you will have the freedom to choose your server location from any of the three available ones – in Melbourne, Sydney, or Auckland. Our web hosting Australian servers are highly scalable, available, and secure. More so, our services are flexible, and customer satisfaction is a top priority.



You can get our support services from as low as $1 AUD per day. This is after a discount has been applied, and the discount is only valid on the first invoice. However, it can be activated for up to an annual billing cycle. Do note that the prices are inclusive of the goods and services tax.



CloudLinux OS

The integration of the CloudLinux OS means that more stable and secure server usage is guaranteed. You will be able to efficiently control resources thus optimising website operation.
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LiteSpeed Web Server

To further promote stability and efficiency, we have adopted the profoundly scalable technologies availed by the LiteSpeed web server. This is especially helpful for high-traffic websites.
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DreamGuard Server Firewall & Antivirus

You will not only have the fastest web hosting in Australia at your disposal but also have access to a highly secure server as you sign up for one of our Premier Web Hosting plans. Our DreamGuard server firewall and antivirus system will ensure that intruders and other malicious attacks are adequately checked.
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Dedicated IP

Accessing your website through the dedicated IP, which we shall provide, will eliminate service interruptions. It will even enable you to have better control over access to sensitive information — as unauthorised access is proactively averted. Furthermore, eCommerce stores will find this very valuable as customers attempt to make payments for orders.

Shell Access Enabled

As a means of ensuring that you have some measured control over the communication between your website and the server, secure shell access is enabled. This would further scale up the execution of specific tasks.

Other Features:

- DreamRelay for high-performance SMTP
- I/O speed up to 200MB
- MailScanner Spam Protection
- Priority support
- Up to 2 hours of smart hand service per month
- 100% uptime SLA


Our Premier Hosting plans are top-notch and purposefully designed to drive business goals. If you are considering hosting in Australia as you hope to establish an efficient and highly functional website for a sustainable business, you should sign up today. More so, DreamIT Host is very much ground for you if you've been having troubles hosting your website on a secure and stable server over time. Why shouldn't you consider the fastest web hosting in Australia? Contact us right away and leverage our unlimited bandwidth possibilities.


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