• Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Utilising subdomains is an ideal way to build a new website/set up a staging website without interfering with your original website.


Follow these steps to create a subdomain in DirectAdmin:


1. Log in to your DirectAdmin account. For instructions on how to log in to your DirectAdmin account, please click here.


2. Once logged in, under Account Manager, click on the Subdomain Management icon.

Screenshot: Account Manager Section in DirectAdmin


3. Click the Add Subdomain button.

Screenshot: 'Add Subdomain' Button


4. Type in the name of your subdomain (In this example, the subdomain name is "staging"), then click the Add Subdomain button.

Screenshot: 'Add New Subdomain' Form


5. Your new subdomain will now be visible under Subdomain Management/Sub-Domains Setup.

Screenshot: Sub-Domains Setup List