• Wednesday, May 11, 2022

5 Reasons to Upgrade to a Managed Server for Your Business Website

You can’t have a great website without a great server. Inefficient servers can lead to lost productivity and unhappy customers. Server downtime can cost a company thousands of dollars, and therefore servers must run at peak performance levels. It can be beneficial for many businesses to consider upgrading to a managed server.

A managed server provides peace of mind by entrusting the care of your server to experts. You have a team of experts keeping your site running 24/7/365.

There are five key reasons to upgrade to a managed server according to information provided by DreamIT Host, which is the fastest web hosting in Australia.

Let’s delve into those reasons and see how they can benefit your business. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


What Is a Managed Server?

A managed server is hosting that allows businesses to outsource the management of their servers to a third-party provider. The DreamIT Host website hosting Australia company handles all the technical aspects of running the server, including patching, security, monitoring, and backups.

Businesses may look at this hosting solution to free up valuable time that is better spent focusing on their core competencies. Additionally, they can provide a higher level of service than unmanaged servers since the provider is motivated to keep the customer happy.

As a result, managed servers can be an attractive option for businesses that want to reduce their IT costs and improve efficiency.


Here Are 5 Reasons to Upgrade:

There are many reasons to upgrade to a managed server. The following are five of the most important reasons:


1. Choose Your Preferred Control Panel

DreamIT Host lets you choose your preferred control panel to manage your web hosting account. Not many web hosts allow you to select a control panel that best suits your needs and preferences.

You can choose from DirectAdmin or cPanel, and both are leading control panes with feature-rich options. So, you can be sure that you’ll have all the tools you need to manage your server effectively.


2. Great for eCommerce, Heavy Traffic Websites, Billing or CRM Software

A managed server is a perfect solution for businesses with high-traffic websites, eCommerce stores, or software that require more resources.

An experienced technician monitors your managed server to ensure that your website or program runs effectively. It’s an excellent option for businesses that want to focus on their business and not worry about the technical aspects of their website.


3. Provide Overall Better Performance

When it comes to web hosting, managed servers are the best option available. They provide better performance and reliability overall, which is perfect for busy websites or those that experience heavy traffic.

Managed servers are also great for promotions or busy periods, as they ensure that your website will stay up and running no matter what. If you’re looking for the best performance and reliability for your website, a managed server is the way to go.


4. Ensure Enhanced Security

A managed server is an excellent option for businesses that want enhanced security for their data. You are the only user on the server, and you have exclusive access to the server.

Your data is safer on a dedicated server compared to a shared server. Shared hosting can be less secure because it is more susceptible to hacks or viruses when it comes to data security. With a managed server, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.


5. DreamIT Host’s New Managed Server Bundle Promotion

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These are only some of the reasons to upgrade to a managed server. Suppose you’re looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting Australian service to take care of your website. In that case, a managed server from DreamIT Host is the perfect solution for you.



Now that you’re aware of the advantages of switching to a managed server, all you need to do is make the switch. If you’re looking for enhanced security, better performance, or a low-cost way to manage your website, DreamIT Host is the right choice.

We provide all the features and support you need to run your website smoothly and efficiently. Make the switch today.


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