How To Raise A Support Ticket

To raise a support ticket you first need to access our website:

On the right-hand corner, click on the blue My DreamIT icon.

Then log in to your My DreamIT account (These are the details you used to sign up with us when creating the account)

Once logged in, hover over the 'Support' tab and click 'Open Ticket'

Select the appropriate category for your support ticket.

The next page will allow you to fill in your ticket details.

Your name and email address will be prefilled. You can select which service you are having issues with and the priority of the ticket.

Priority Nature:

Low - General Enquiries

Medium - Account assistance/Support

High - Server Outage

Enter the Subject (A brief title with relevance to your issue/query)

Fill in the message with as much detailed information as possible.

Please include screenshots where possible.

The more detailed the ticket the better our team can assist you.

Once completed click the Submit button.



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