How To Transfer An Existing Domain To DreamIT

1. Log into your MyDreamIT Portal

Enter in your login information to your MyDreamIT Portal.

2. Click on the 'Domains' tab and Select 'Transfer Domain to Us'

3. Search up your domain

4. Click 'Transfer' and select the billing period.

5. Click on the checkout button.

6. Complete the form and click continue at the bottom of the page.

-DNS Management - This allows you to edit your zone records for your domain without a hosting control panel.
-ID Protection - This hides your private information from the global WHOIS database. This can not be applied for certain regional domains such as domains ending in .au .uk .us
-Email Forwarding - This allows you to forward emails to another email address.
-EPP code - This is also known as a domain password, it is required in order to transfer your domain. You can get your EPP code/Domain password from your current registrar/company who is managing your domain.

6. You will then be required to complete the remaining of the order by selecting your billing address and payment method. Once this has been completed you can click 'checkout'


What happens next?

Once our team receives the order, one of our team members will process the order.

You will then be required to accept a confirmation email linked to your domain. You can find out/update this email under registrant contact details with your existing host/registrar.

Once the confirmation email has been accepted, the domain transfer will complete in 3-7 business days.


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